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Meet the team

Jane Paterson

Jane is the chairperson of the Peer Support Trust.  She is a former secondary school  teacher and is an active member of Rotary. She lives in Wellington. The responsibility of the chairperson is to coordinate and lead the work of the Trust Board.

Peter Allen

Peter is the secretary of the Peer Support Trust.  He lives in Rangiora. Peter is a  former secondary school teacher and principal.  He has had a long association with the Peer Support Trust.

Karen Bell

  Karen is the Trust's administrator. Karen lives and works in Christchurch. She handles orders for resources and liaises with the Trust's printers, Hilton Press.

Introducing the Support team

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Jane Paterson is the 9940 Rotary District trustee and is chairperson of the Trust.    Peter Allen is the Secretary to the Trust and is  a former secondary school principal and a Rotarian for over 20 years, Peter has been actively involved with peer support throughout his time as a secondary school teacher.    Karen Bell is the administrator for the Peer Support Trust.  Karen processes orders for Peer Support resources.liaises with our printers and liaises with our clients.

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Julia Malcolm
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NZ Peer Support Trust PO Box 6078
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